Preventive Dentistry

Problems in your mouth can be linked to health problems in other parts of your body.

Discussing them with us will help prevent them from generating further damage to your overall health. If you have other diseases, these also can affect the health of your mouth and change the way you smile.

We recommend that our patients, visit our office at least twice each year, to ensure their optimal oral health, and to help avoid serious and costly problems. In certain cases, we may even recommend 3 or 4 visits per year, in order to properly treat conditions that require more regular attention. Maintaining a regular appointment schedule with your dentist, isn't just good for your teeth, it's an important part of your overall health.

Why is it important that I visit my dentist every 6 months?

Well, you might be surprised to learn the extent of what really goes on during your regular check-up. In addition to cleaning and polishing all the visible and hidden surfaces of your teeth, we also check for many other potential oral diseases. Must common would be Tooth Decay (cavities), Periodontal (gum) disease, Oral Cancer, etc.

Dental cavities

We are all at risk of tooth decay, or cavities. Bacteria (germs) that naturally live in our mouths use sugar in food and produces acids. Over time, the acids destroy the outside layer of your teeth called enamel. When the protective outside layer is broken, bacteria can damage the
tooth and if not treated can create large(r) cavities that can produce severe pain or cause more extreme effects where you can loose your tooth is left untreated for long time. On your regular checkups in our dental office, we are screening for any damage that can lead to cavities and if treated right away, you avoid future troubles and discomfort. Keep in mind that the more fillings, crowns, bridges you have, you need to pay a lot more attention to these areas since bacteria can hide much better in pockets now available at the edges between your own teeth and the added cosmetic elements. Also receding gums caused by hardened brushing over time, will expose parts of the tooth below the gum line that do not have the same protective layer and your risk of cavities is a lot higher in these areas. Our professional dental staff will screen for these signs as well and advice you on modifying the tooth brushing techniques and tools.

Gum diseases

Gum disease as one of the most common oral health problems is also one that can be prevented with constant care and reversed if  discovered and treated in the early stages. Gum disease is caused by bacteria that forms every day as plaque and is sticky to your teeth. Plaque it is clear and forms mostly at the gum line (where your teeth and gum meet). If not cleaned, will turn into calculus or tartar, which in time can cause infections on your gums. In the early stages this is called gingivitis. When tartar has formed, can not be cleaned by regular brushing and flossing, a more professional cleaning may be required. If no measures are taken at this time, the infection continue to develop attacking the gums more aggressively as well as the bone that holds your teeth in place. With loss of bone teeth may become loose and in danger of loosing their strength. This is not a process that will develop in a couple of days, it takes months if not years, but if infection has reached the bone structure then the treatment becomes more difficult and less successful.

Visit your dentist on a regular basis for your cleaning and do not forget to brush and floss daily.

Oral cancer

This cancer can affect any part of the mouth and is a disease resulting from abnormal cell growth in the mouth, lips, tongue or throat. People over the age of 45 are mostly at risk. The cause of oral cancer is still unknown but risk factors are tobacco, alcohol, sun exposure, poor diets, etc. On your regular checkups as well as anytime you visit our office for other type of treatments, we will screen you for oral cancer. Discovered in the early stages gives you a better chance in stopping the disease from spreading and apply known treatments with better chances of success.

Burning mouth

A burning feeling in the mouth or tongue, and it is most common in postmenopausal women.

Cold sores

These are caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 which once contracted, it can live in your body for years. The virus is then triggered to actions by stress, other infections, sun, etc. Cold sores are mostly developed on the lips and heal in about a week without scarring. Talk to our dental staff so that we can advise you on over the counter or prescription medication to help reduce the pain and healing times.

Canker sores

These are small ulcers inside the mouth and their cause is still unknown. You may need medicine to help with the pain.

Thrush or oral candidiasis

can be caused by overgrowth of the fungus Candida which lives naturally in your mouth.

Dry mouth or xerostomia

You don’t have enough saliva in your mouth and if left untreated, can lead to cavities.

Bad breath or called halitosis

This can be caused by poor oral hygiene, gum disease, dry mouth, digestive problems, etc

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Oral Diseases

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