Root Canal

Root canal, or endodontic treatment, is a procedure that is applied to specific teeth, that have developed pulp diseases.

Each one of your teeth, have an inside pulp, that is their living heart. The pulp keeps the teeth alive, by providing all the nerving terminations and the required nutrients, to keep your teeth strong and healthy. When the pulp is loosing it's vitality, it will, sooner or later die and can cause severe pain, tooth discoloration, etc. The dentist will remove the dead pulp, with a procedure called root canal treatment. After removing it, will fill and seal the inside chamber of your tooth with special composites. Quite often, other restorative procedures are required after the treatment is completed, to reconstruct the shape of the once diseased tooth.

In our dental office, we will strongly recommend to undergo such procedures, rather than removing the aching tooth. A missing tooth,
requires a more expensive restorative procedure, such as implants. Sometimes, these could be acted on as a foreign element in your body by your immune system, causing even more health inconvenience together with additional costs. Keeping your own teeth in situations where you have such option, is a far better choice, since it will always be part of your body, and rejection chances are close to none.

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